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Shopware 2023 ecommerce platform update

Shopware On Their Platform Strategy & Roadmap

In this ecommerce podcast, James interviews Justin Biddle, UK GM for Shopware since 2019, and Ben Marks, Director Global Market Development since 2021. Listen on your favourite player Spotify Apple Podcasts Amazon Music Google Podcasts Overcast...

Ecommerce podcast discussing the major releases in 2020 for leading ecommerce vendors

Major Ecommerce Platform Releases From 2020

A retrospective on some of the key ecommerce platform releases made by commonly used vendors during 2020, including Shopify, Big Commerce, Episerver and Shopware. The platform landscape is quite complex, with lots of vendors all offering something...

Ecommerce Podcast on Shopware Headless Commerce and PWA Front-end

Shopware Headless Commerce and PWA Front-end

Headless commerce is all the rage, and there has been a noticeable surge towards flexible technology stacks amongst ecommerce retailers. SaaS platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce have made great strides, winning big clients. API-driven platforms...

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