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Replatform podcast sponsors Attraqt and Hypersonix

Re:Platform has partnered with Attraqt and Hypersonix for 2023 to bring their wealth of industry experience to our audience, gaining a fresh perspective on ecommerce technology and CX.

About Attraqt

About Hypersonix

Attraqt powers exceptional shopping experiences for over 300 of the world’s leading brands, manufacturers and retailers.

Hypersonix helps ecommerce companies drive profitable revenue growth by providing a system of actionable intelligence, helping you understand your data and take action when and where it counts.

Attraqt provides a set of API-enabled, algorithm-driven, intelligent SaaS services covering personalisation, search, navigation, merchandising, recommendations and internationalisation.

Hypersonix brings machine learning driven decision intelligence together with advanced forecasting and optimization to help monitor, diagnose, predict and prescribe key actions to drive profit growth.

Attraqt guides

Hypersonix Resources

Use Attraqt’s resources to learn more about ecommerce search, merchandising, recommendations and personalisation.

Dive into Hypersonix whitepapers to learn more about how to get value from your data and drive meaningful improvements.

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