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Re:platform has partnered with Crownpeak and Elastic Path for 2023 to bring their wealth of industry experience to our audience, gaining a fresh perspective on ecommerce technology and CX.

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About Crownpeak

Crownpeak powers exceptional shopping experiences for over 300 of the world’s leading brands, manufacturers and retailers. Easily create fully inclusive, WCAG, ADA and EAA compliant digital experiences, with Crownpeak, the only DXP with native digital accessibility and quality management.

Crownpeak provides a set of API-enabled, algorithm-driven, intelligent SaaS services covering personalisation, search, navigation, merchandising and recommendations. Learn more at https://www.crownpeak.com/.

Crownpeak resources

Use Crownpeak’s resources to learn more about ecommerce search, merchandising, recommendations and personalisation.

About Elastic Path

Elastic Path is on a mission to break through the barriers that prevent commerce leaders from delivering extraordinary shopping experiences. Today, that means making Composable Commerce accessible to all brands by reducing the cost, time, and overall risk of implementing and managing a multi-vendor approach.

With Elastic Path, both business and tech teams are able to innovate on their own terms, fully embrace composability, and in turn, never compromise on what’s possible. Learn more at www.elasticpath.com.

Elastic Path resources

Dive into Elastic Path case studies and learn more about their ecommerce solutions for multiple industries.

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