Working With Multiple Ecommerce Platforms: Insights from an Agency MD

Working With Multiple Ecommerce Platforms: Insights from an Agency MD

In our 43rd episode, we’re joined by Mark Slocock, Managing Director of GPMD, a multi-platform eCommerce agency. Mark answers questions from Paul and James on working with different platforms, GPMD’s initial transition from Magento-only to working with Shopware, the difference for developers between the open-source platforms and the SaaS platforms, their recent adoption of PWA and lots more.

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In this episode, Mark answers a wide range of questions about the different mid-market ecommerce platforms on the market, including:

  • What made you decide to broaden into working with multiple platforms?
  • How was the transition for your PHP developers of working with Magento to Shopware?
  • How have you found Shopware generally? Are you working with Shopware 6 now? How have you found this compared to version 5?
  • How have you found BigCommerce? What are some of the key strengths and weaknesses from a development perspective?
  • Why did you go down the PWA route and how has it impacted your team and builds so far?
  • How does this currently impact the cost of a project for your clients?
  • How have you found working with Magento and VueStorefront? Did you review other technologies?
  • Do you plan to use the same stack and approach across other eCommerce platforms?
  • Are there any new platforms you have your eye on?

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