Site Launch: Getting Your Ecommerce Site Battle Ready

Site Launch: Getting Your Ecommerce Site Battle Ready

In our 37th episode focused on ecommerce site launch, myself and Paul riff on what happens when an ecommerce team is a few days out from launching a new website. Replatforming is complex, new site launches are time consuming and at times quite stressful. In the heat of battle, what should ecommerce teams focus on and why? What typically goes wrong and how can you avoid it. What should be on your site launch checklist?

Join us for an advice packed episode based on personal experience. You can also listen on the following:

Some of the topics we cover in this episode, include:

  • Getting battle ready for launch
  • Knowing what to prioritise and why
  • Common issues and how to avoid them
  • Being organised with UAT
  • Taking data migration seriously
  • Using pre-launch checklists
  • Being clear on what happens in the hours before and after launch

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