How to Select the Right Ecommerce Platform for your Business

How to Select the Right Ecommerce Platform for your Business

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In the 14th re:platform episode, Paul and James discuss why it’s important to select the right eCommerce platform and the potential risks of getting it wrong, amongst other things. This episode is designed to cover the general process retailers should follow to better understand the platforms and what they should be looking to know before they start talking to providers.

The main questions for this episode are:

  • Why does it matter which platform you choose and what are the common issues eCommerce teams face with a platform that’s not fit for purpose?
  • What does a business need to know before looking at eCommerce platforms?
  • With so many platforms out there – how does a business shortlist the most relevant vendors?
  • In what ways do the eCommerce platforms differ and therefore, what criteria can eCommerce teams use to differentiate between them?
  • When comparing platforms, which areas is it critical that they understand for the suppliers?
  • What’s a sensible way of objectively evaluating/scoring multiple platform vendors?
  • As we always say, no eCommerce platform is perfect – so how do you identify potential risks and work to mitigate them?
  • If you can’t decide between two platforms, how do you avoid an impasse and get to a decision?

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