Andertons Music: Managing A Large-Scale Ecommerce Migration

Andertons Music: Managing A Large-Scale Ecommerce Migration

An interview with Andrew Chart, Head of Ecommerce

In our 20th episode, we’re joined by Andrew Chart, the Head of Ecommerce at Andertons Music Co. Andrew recently completed a large-scale move from a bespoke ecommerce platform to IBM’s relatively new cloud-based platform, so we invited him on to talk us through the project and what he learned from the experience.

This episode is packed with advice from an experienced ecommerce specialist, with practical insights into how to run a replatforming project and what to look out for.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The business drivers and challenges being addressed by the replatforming project
  • The approach to vendor selection and partner selection
  • The success criteria used to evaluate ecommerce platforms
  • Why IBM was ultimately selected
  • The areas of the project that went well and the key challenges
  • What Andrew would’ve changed if he were to start the project again
  • General tips for those starting a similar project

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