The Benefits of Using a PIM when Replatforming

The Benefits of Using a PIM when Replatforming

PIM is a very hot area at the moment, both when replatforming and generally in ecommerce / retail. In our 17th episode, we’re joined by James and Tim from Akeneo, who talk us through how PIM can help ecommerce companies and introduce us to the key capabilities of the Akeneo platform.

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Some of the core areas covered in this episode include:

  • An introduction to Akeneo (the product, the market fit, notable customers, the history and the overall relationship with Magento etc)
  • An introduction to PIM and how PIM systems add value to retailers
  • When a retailer should be looking at using a PIM and how this differs for different types of retailers
  • How a PIM can aid replatforming processes
  • The overhead for internal teams for implementing a PIM system
  • Creating a business case for a PIM

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