International Payments & Shopify Multi-Currency with Reach Payments

International Payments & Shopify Multi-Currency with Reach Payments

In our 32nd episode, we’re joined by Matthew Steinbrecher from Reach Payments, who talks us through the product and how it solves a number of key issues with international payments, particularly with Shopify (with advanced multi-currency and lots of international payment options).

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Some of the key topics covered in this episode include:

  • How Reach Payments can support multi-currency with fixed price lists with Shopify Plus
  • Other considerations around multi-currency with Shopify Plus
  • International payment methods supported by Reach Payments and how this works with Shopify in particular
  • Pricing models for the different international payment methods
  • How Reach works with Shopify and how pricing and payment methods are managed
  • All of the core eCommerce platforms that Reach works with and how the integrations differ with the likes of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento Commerce
  • How Reach works with fraud with the different platforms

You can also read more about how Reach works with Shopify around international in Paul’s blog post here.

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