James Gurd

James Gurd is the Owner of Digital Juggler, an experienced ecommerce consultant specialising in ecommerce replatforming and digital strategy.

Ecommerce Video masterclass: Improvinh Homepage Design and Content

Improving Homepage Design & Content

Subscribe to our YouTube channel Video summary Practical advice on how to optimise your ecommerce homepage design and exploit trading opportunities to improve customer experience and drive more product interactions. Get expert insights from two...

Ecommerce Podcast on Site Speed Improvements with Yottaa

How to Improve Ecommerce Site Speed

On this podcast you’ll discover how YOTTAA’s acceleration solutions help more than 1,000 ecommerce sites to improve site speed, resulting in higher conversions and better shopper experiences. Ecommerce performance is a hot topic. Page...

Ecommerce Video masterclass: Visual Merchandising Tactics for Ecommerce List Pages

Visual Merchandising For Ecommerce List Pages

Subscribe to our YouTube channel Video summary Practical advice on how to apply visual merchandising tactics to your list pages, improving product engagement and conversion in your ecommerce website. Expert insights from two highly experienced...

Ecommerce Podcast on Vendor Selection Process for Ecommerce Technology

Faster Ecommerce Vendor Selection

In this podcast, we discuss common challenges for ecommerce teams when planning vendor selection for ecommerce. The focus is on helping you learn more about supplier selection for third party technology that you need to plugin in to your ecommerce...

Ecommerce Video masterclass: Improving Ecommerce Add to Cart user Journeys

Add To Cart User Journey Optimisation

Subscribe to our YouTube channel Video summary Practical advice on how to optimise the add to cart user experience for your ecommerce store to drive better conversion rates. Expert insights from two highly experienced ecommerce specialists. Topics...

Ecommerce podcast discussing the major releases in 2020 for leading ecommerce vendors

Major Ecommerce Platform Releases From 2020

A retrospective on some of the key ecommerce platform releases made by commonly used vendors during 2020, including Shopify, Big Commerce, Episerver and Shopware. The platform landscape is quite complex, with lots of vendors all offering something...

Ecommerce podcast episode with Patrick Friday, CEO of Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront PWA Frontend for Ecommerce

Why you should know about Vue Storefront and how it’s being used by other B2C and B2B ecommerce businesses. As ecommerce businesses started to require more flexibility and control of the presentation layer, headless commerce became a new...

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