James Gurd

James Gurd is the Owner of Digital Juggler, an experienced ecommerce consultant specialising in ecommerce replatforming and digital strategy.

Ecommerce podcast discussing SAP's Upscale Commerce Solution

SAP’s Upscale Commerce SaaS Solution

Understand where SAP’s Upscale Commerce SaaS solution fits in the market and how they’re positioning against other leading SaaS vendors. SAP is well established as a global market leading business software provider, specifically for its...

Video Tutorial on Improving Ecommerce Shopping Cart UX and Design

How To Improve Your Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Subscribe to our YouTube channel Video summary Tutorial on how to improve your ecommerce shopping cart design and usability to boost conversion and average order value. Expert insights from two highly experienced ecommerce specialists, helping you...

Ecommerce performance monitoring podcast

Ecommerce Performance Monitoring & Testing

Discover what impact performance monitoring has on the bottom line and what the real cost of failing to test site speed and performance is. At your most business-critical times and under peak demand, digital channels need to cope with high volumes...

Video masterclass on ecommerce site navigation optimisation

Better Website Navigation & Menu Design

Subscribe to our YouTube channel Video summary Get practical insights from experienced ecommerce consultants for improving your website navigation and ecommerce menu design. On this video masterclass you’ll learn: What’s important for an...

Ecommerce Video masterclass: Improvinh Homepage Design and Content

Improving Homepage Design & Content

Subscribe to our YouTube channel Video summary Practical advice on how to optimise your ecommerce homepage design and exploit trading opportunities to improve customer experience and drive more product interactions. Get expert insights from two...

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